Suhagra is the leading generic brand of sildenafil citrate(generic viagra) used to treat erectile problems in men. It is manufactured and produced by CIPLA, which is the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in India. The pill is light blue in color and contains the famous active ingredient sildenafil citrate which is a PDE5 inhibitor and responsible for achieving rock hard erections.

It is estimated that over 100 million men in India suffer from mild to severe erectile dysfunction and the percentage of 50+ men suffering from erection issues tips over 50%. Yet, a majority of the men do not seek medical help – they do not wish to either visit doctors or even want to go to medical shops to get the medications, the reason is no man wants to discuss this in public – its due to the society and peer pressures. Often a man who cannot keep his erections is considered less of a man, is a subject of ridicule and while is wrong the predicament is true.

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How does Suhagra work?

Suhagra contains the famous PDE5 inhibitor named sildenafil citrate. erectile dysfunction occurs mainly due to improper blood flow to the penis which in many cases is due to the PDE5 enzymes kicking in to loose constriction of blood in the penile arteries. Since Suhagra contains the PDE5 inhibitor, it inhibits or minimizes PDE5, thereby allowing longer, stronger erections. Suhagra does this astonishingly well guys.

Where can I buy Suhagra in India?

This drug is not available in all medical shops and even when they are available, they require a doctor’s precription, not to speak of the embarrassment of asking the pharmacist. You can however buy it discretely online from securetabs(click here) and of all the online pharmacies we tried they are the most trust worthy for sure. They are sold as generic viagra because Suhagra is infact a generic variant of Viagra.

How to take the medication

It is best advised to take the medication on light stomach – ideally 2 hours before or after a meal. Suhagra also doesn’t work as well if a person is stocked with fatty food and alcohol. It is not advised to take 2 doses of the medication within 24 hours of each other. If you have any serious liver, kidney or heart diseases, then refrain from taking them. Sometimes doctors prescribe milder 25mg doses to patients suffering from those illnesses – however self medication in such cases is ill-advised.

Side Effects

Side effects are omnipresent with all PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra, Cialis or Suhagra(generic for Viagra), but they are almost always mere discomforts. New users can expect headaches which usually taper down with a few doses.

Personal Experience  with Suhagra

I am a 47 year old software engineer living in Hyderabad and happily married with 2 kids. Sex was never a problem for me and I should add I was pretty good at it – until about 3 years ago. I suppose the long standing diabetes and chol;cholesterol complications had taken its toll. They could have clogged my penile arteries resulting in lesser blood flow to that area, thereby robbing me of my price – my precious erection. It was both heart-breaking and embarrassing. At first I dismissed it as one of those days – you know, we all have our off days, but soon I realized that this was a problem that was not going to go away by itself.

I knew I had to do something. I changed my lifestyle, kept myself hydrated, worked out, kept my cholesterol and diabetes under control – things improved but I was still not normal, the erection problems were very much there. It was apparent to me that the damage was done and I needed something radical that could specifically target and help my condition.

Pfizer’s Viagra was not an option because it costs about 500Rs per tablet – what a joke. I earn little over Rs50,000 per month and if I take 10 tablets a month, I’d have to shell out 10% of my earnings. Surely, there had to be a more cost effective medicine for what was a really common problem among men. That’s when I found out about Suhagra which is popularly also termed as generic viagra – it contained the same ingredients as Viagra but was available at a much reduced price as it was manufactured by the Indian pharmaceutical company CIPLA.

I was really curious. I wanted to obtain the medication discretely. I did a lot of research on online pharmacies and finally selected securetabs. if you have a look at their prices, its pretty obvious that for higher cost effectiveness one has to order in bulk. I chose 180 pills because of the discount offered for that number. This seemed to be the right choice of quantity as even if I took it twice a week, the pills would last me about 3 years which was also the expiry term for the medicine.

Anyways, the order process went smoothly. I used my credit card(they accept only VISA) and also promptly received an order confirmation email. It all looked good. The free shipping option mentions 2 weeks for delivery, but I received delivery in a week. I guess it takes 2 weeks for customers out of India and since the medication ships from Mumbai I got it much quicker.

Was a relief to get the package. I took a picture of the package for you guys. Check below –

As you can see, it looks like any regular package and does not reveal that it contains the medication – which is good. So, if any of you guys are worried if the neighbor or even your wife will get to know of this, don’t worry – they will not get any hint from the package itself. I just told my wife that I was expecting some important office documents and which is not to be opened. I just didn’t want her to know –  wanted to surprise her with my new found stamina and performance lol.

That night I was both excited and expectant – I was really curious as to what it could make me so. I had a relatively light dinner, was careful not to eat fatty food. Waited for about 2 hours after dinner and then had 1 tablet. I retired to my room. Waited and waited – nothing seemed to happen for the first 20 minutes except that I got a slightly heavy feeling in my head. I started browsing and looked at some sexually explicit sites. It was approaching 30 min since I took the medicine and started experiencing an erection – it was an erection unlike any I had experienced in over 20 decades. It was a surge and the erection was powerful, just like how I felt in my 20s. God, this is great I said to myself. That night, I hope the moans of my wife didn’t wake the neighbours – she was surprised or should I say shell shocked. After the sex, she shouted –  “What happened to you?” and I replied “what? nothing. Just wanted you badly because you are so pretty”. Ahem, she doesn’t need to know, does she. What matters is – our sex life is wonderful and its all thanks to Suhagra, although I’d like to think I had that volcano in me somewhere that was merely unlocked:-)

The sex pill don’t have any side effects

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